An entirely new desktop machine that dramatically 
improves the surface quality of 3D Printed parts!

The Polysher works incombination with Polymakers new PolySmooth filament to improve the surface quality of 

your 3D Printed parts. The Polysher generates an aerosol of Isopropyl Alcohol which evenly lands on the PolySmooth printed parts. The alcohol absorbs onto the layer of the Poly Smooth printed part gently smoothing the 

model. The Polysher can smooth parts upto 15cmx18cm(diameter*height) and depending on the size takes 

between 10 to 30 minutes! The Polysherâ„¢ was designed with a methodical approach from the electronics to the 

bolts used, Withover 40 parts, Polymakers designers made sure nothing was overlooked ensuring accurate 

designs and well thought out manufacturing.

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Polymakers ground breaking smoothing machinePRE ORDER - ETA March / April 2017 The Polysher is ..

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