Polymakers ground breaking smoothing machine

PRE ORDER - ETA March / April 2017

 The Polysher is a first of its kind 3D print post processing machine that removes layer lines from your 3D prints with Isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. The Polysher works in combination with their new PolySmooth filament and since its announcement has been one of the most talked about 3D printing products of 2016.

The Polysher can smooth parts up to 15 cm * 18 cm (diameter * height).

Polyshed PolySmooth parts can be used for a variety of applications including: product design & production, moulds, electroplating, art & craft, computational hydrographic printing and even fun, hobby, Investment & casting to name a few.
For a matte finish you can easily coat your polished part with a matte primer.

PRE ORDER - ETA March / April 2017

Note: Polymaker do not recommend using other solvents / liquids other than Isopropyl Alcohol and Ethanol in the Polisher.
Filling the Polysher resovoir with acetone and/or other unapproved liquids / solvents will damage the unit and void your warranty!

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