New Smoothable 3D Printing Filament

ETA March / April 2017

PolySmooth is Polymakers new filament designed to be compatible with their new Polysher smoothing machine which removes layer lines from your 3D prints!

Aside from its great smoothing characteristics, PolySmooth features no/minimal warping, balanced mechanical properties, a wide printing temperature range, low printing odor, easily removable support material and doesn’t require a heated bed.

PolySmooth features tensile strength higher than PLA & ABS and an impact resistance significantly higher than both PLA and ABS. 

When Polyshing, the “ridges and valleys” from the layers prior to Polyshing often act as stress concentrators and are usually where the damage (in the form of cracks) initiated. During Polyshing these surface ridges are eliminated making the part more damage-resisant and tougher. Playmakers testing showed depending on time / extent of polishing the impact resistance can actually increase by 50%!

Polyshable - The first 3D printable filament engineered for layer free post-processing. We have specifically developed PolySmoothTM to work alongside the PolysherTM providing the solution to dramatically improve the surface quality of 3D printed objects.
Easy to Print - PolySmoothTM is compatible with all filament-based 3D printers and prints under similar conditions as PLA. Featuring a wide printing temperature range, low odor and no heated bed required, PolySmoothTM is the perfect companion to your desktop 3D printer.  
Balanced Mechanical Properties - PolySmoothTM features well balanced mechanical properties, outperforming most ABS and PLA plastics on most attributes, making it an ideal material for everyday 3D printing.  

Optimized for Support - We have taken our experience from PolySupportTM and engineered PolySmoothTM with the same support removal properties. Easily break away support from PolySmoothTM’s surface and once your model is polished there is no scar left on the surface.  
Warping Free - PolySmoothTM exhibits very minimal residual stress when printing which means almost no warping, making it ideal for printing large parts.  

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