J-Head Hot End nozzle is designed according to the other, by reducing custom machined parts kept to a minimum of simple steps,
J-Head Hot End can be well connected popular Reprap extruder.
Wherein a filament path has been verified and is designed to be the same, it can be reliably used to print ABS and PLA.  
Use PLA, it requires a small fan to cool rolling through the vents on both sides of the nozzle. Moreover, Hot End has two advantages.
Thermal sensor integration point like no heat, such as a more efficient single screw in the nozzle heater. A heater resistor.
No need to use nickel- chromium wire or baking heater core.

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J-Head Nozzle MKIV MKV Hotend Extrusion Head With 70cm Cable For 3D Printer

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  • $75.00

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